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Bollywood's top actresses all praise for Kangana Ranaut

In fact, Deepika Padukone was so impressed by the performance of her colleague in Queen that she decided to dedicate her OK!Screen Award for Best Actor (Female)-Popular Choice to Kangana.


This did not come as a surprise to most as earlier Deepika had remarked , “I have seen ‘Queen’ and I am jealous of Kangana’s performance, I think she was outstanding”.


Vidya Balan was also gushing with praises for Kangana Ranaut when she exclaimed at a public event , “Ever since Queen released I’ve heard so much about it, but I got the chance to watch it only recently in a flight on my way to LA. Kangana is unbelievable in the film. I always had liking for Kangana. I remember watching Fashion and I think she was incredible in the film. I think she is an extremely bold and brave person and that is why she is like that in her films too. It is interesting to see the kind of work she is doing”.


Priyanka Chopra also chimed in by stating that her favorite film of the year apart form Mary Kom was Queen. Kangana’s plays the role of an under-confident girl who travels alone to her honeymoon at Paris and Amsterdam after her fiance calls off their wedding. The film was noted for Ranaut’s versatile performance as an actress. Queen happened to win big at the Fimfare Awards by bagging six awards in numerous categories. The film also has the distinction to have the highest rating on popular website IMDB of 9.1, something that has not been achieved by a Bollywood flick so far.




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