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From a bomb blast injury to winning titles- The journey of a young Pakistani Squash player

Quetta: The  suicide attack on Alamdar Road in 2013 which killed 93 people and injured 121 was the deadliest attack ever. Among st the many injured was also Abbas Ali, Quetta’s renowned squash player.

The attack badly fractured Abbas’s leg and damaged his index finger.

Abbas Ali started his squash journey in 2004 having played internationally in 2007. Abbas won the Iran title

“I started playing squash in 2004, First I used to play very good cricket then I developed an interest in Squash. In National Junior under 19 I was ranked in the top 8 in Pakistan.”

Reminiscing the painful experience, Abbas says: “When I saw the blast live, my leg had totally fractured, the motivation inside of me died but when the doctors said I will be able to walk after a month I regained my confidence. I used to feel a shock whenever I used to sleep at night. People used to call me crazy because of the effects of the blast. I have recovered 70% out of the shock now.”

Returning to Squash in 2017 with four fingers and an antibiotic rod fixed in his legs, it is painful to play for Abbas but he doesn’t want to give up on his passion.

“I started playing squash four years after the blast. My fracture gives me pain but I ignore it and stay involved in my Squash through hard work.”

After returning to squash, his determination has won him 5 titles and hopes he can be back in the international game soon. He says: “This is the 5th, 6th title I have won in Balochistan. If I get an opportunity on an international level I can make my province and country proud.”

However, he wants the sports federation of Pakistan to support the field of sports. “I have only one message for all sports institutions that support Junior and senior players of all sports, build academies for them.”

If courage and determination had a face we are sure it would look like Abbas Ali!



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