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Bombay Velvet trailer is out!

Yes, the movie does look promising. Well, anything directed by Anurag Kashyap is bound to be a phenomenal success. And if the stellar plot and cutting edge direction is backed by versatile actors such as Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, fans should expect a nothing short of a treat!

The movie is based on a novel by Indian historian Gyan Prakash’s book, titled Mumbai fables. The plot of this film centers around one man’s wish to become someone influential, in a layman’s terms, a ‘big shot’. Through the crime, violence and action, greed and lust for power are also highlighted. Midst all the chaos, anarchy confusion, jazz clubs and a romance also feature in Bombay Velvet.

The trailer of the movie begins with a bus falling tumultuously off a bridge. Ranbir is strapped with weights and sunk into the depths of the sea by his nemesis. We see the handsome actor, with overgrown hair, ward off hostile car chasers on a bike. Ranbir is also seen in some high flying action, exchanging blows and delivering flying kicks. In yet another scene, the exotic Anushka Sharma is seen captivated by Kapoor’s charming persona and the two seem to be romantically linked. In another separate scene, an intimate kissing scene involving the two also lights up the screens.

Bombay Velvet Official Trailer HD 720p by maddy727

Bombay Velvet is bound to feature the gritty violence and street smart dialogues we see in a typical Anurag Kashyap film. Greed, money and power seem to be the motivation behind all the crimes in his movies. Coupled with Anushka’s energetic performance and Ranbir’s brilliant performance, the film is bound to mesmerize audiences and score big at the box office. Anushka is recently enjoying the fantastic reviews regarding her latest movie NH10, which also happened to be her production debut. The movie earned the nods of the Bollywood film fraternity who were delighted to see the movie.



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