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Bomber blows off himself after failing to carry out attack

SWAT: A suicide bomber blew off himself in Char Bagh area of Swat district, after the attempt was foiled by the security forces here on Wednesday – ARY News reports.

According to details, security forces foiled a bid to carry out a suicide attack in Char Bagh area of district Swat, yet the attacker blown himself after failing to pursue his wicked motives.

The event took place, when suicide bomber, also armed with hand grenades, entered into the clinic of Dr Farooq, a leader of local peace committee. Meanwhile, a security man deployed at the clinic, saw the attacker and pushed him down from the second floor of the building, after which the suicidal blew himself off, getting killed on the spot.

Security forces immediately after the incident surrounded the vicinity and kicked off a search operation to trace out other accomplices of the attacker.



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