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Four bottle factories sealed for using non-food grade plastic in Punjab

LAHORE: In a crackdown against harmful plastic bottles, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Tuesday sealed four plastic manufacturing units producing plastic bottles for soft drinks after melting non-food grade plastic (crush) and chemical contaminated bottles in different areas of the province.

During the operations in different areas of Punjab, the PFA seized 17,000 substandard and harmful plastic bottles, machinery, and raw material.

According to the details, two factories were sealed in Sheikhupura, one in Lahore and one in Faisalabad. Furthermore, the food authority has temporary suspended production in 10 factories over existence of substandard plastic in the companies and issued notices to three other plastic units in different areas.

As per standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the food authority, non-food grade plastic bottles could not be used for food products.

It is compulsory for plastic bottle manufactures to mention non-food grade label on bottles, “This is not for the use of food commodities.”

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Earlier, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on February 24, had issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) for plastic bottle industry.

Only food grade plastic bottle should be used for eatables, while bottle made with used plastic should not be used for eatables.

The PFA had constituted special operation teams for raids during night time. The PFA director vigilance had been made in-charge of the operation teams.




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