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Six-year-old boy dies after being trapped inside car  

A six-year Six-year-old boy died of suffocation after being trapped inside a parked car in Ahmedabad, India.

According to the details, the child’s mother, Boliben is a domestic worker and sometimes she took Ajay Saraniya, 6, along with her.  On Sunday morning, Boliben took his son along with her at her job. After completing her work, they headed back home in the afternoon.

Boliben said that she could not realize when Ajay left her side and runaway. She told her family about the incident and they started searching the child but all their efforts went in vain.

Meanwhile, the child entered into a car parked near a bungalow. Unfortunately, he got locked inside the car. On the next day (Monday), the car’s owner found the child dead in his vehicle when he opened its doors.

After being informed, the police rushed to the scene and shifted the body to the hospital for medico-legal formalities. Police officials said the exact cause of death would be ascertained after the postmortem report.



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