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Boy sold by father narrates his ordeal in morning show

Child abuse is described as a situation in which a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child and many of us think that such things don’t occur in Pakistan which is not the case.


As this topic requires a lot of discussion, ARY Zindagi’s “Salam Zindagi” show brought forward a minor who was not only sold by his father but also used to mistreat his mother.

The boy, Habibullah  was sold by his father numerous times forcing him to run away and find shelter in a welfare organisation.

Habibullah told the show host Faysal Qureshi that he is from Shikarpur where some of his friends advised him to move to Karachi. His father does nothing for livelihood and he and his brethren had to work to support the family.

The boy’s tale was so moving that everyone on the show was in tears. The boy who couldn’t stop his tears said that his father sold him and he fears that if he goes to his father again, he will sell him again.

“I miss my mother a lot,” said the boy who saw his father torture his mother.

Now with a welfare organization, the boy said now he is getting education and is living a good life at the shelter.



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