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Brahamdagh Bugti holds Afghan passport, Indian visa: Asif

The defence minister tweeted that Brahmdagh Bugti has an  Afghan passport in name of Ibraheem while an Indian visa and now he is seeking asylum in India.

“We are blessed with good neighbours,” exclaimed Asif in the tweet.

Last night, the minister also termed India’s move tantamount to ‘harbouring a terrorist by a state’.

India deeply involved in terrorism in Balochistan: FO


On September 20, Baloch Republican Army (BRA) leaderBrahamdagh Bugti approached the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva for filing asylum paper.

The Indian Home Ministry on Thursday confirmed that the leader of the Bugti has filed an application seeking political asylum in India which they were examining.

“We have received Bugti’s application for political asylum and it is under examination,” a Home Ministry official told India’s TOI.


Indian state actors operating in Balochistan, Musharraf reminds Indian media



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