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Brazilian hitman shoots guests at a wedding, video goes viral

SAO PAULO: A horrifying video was shot during a wedding in Brazil where a hitman makes his way into the ceremony and shot his targets without any fear.

An overweight man in a shirt follows the bride and groom down the aisle and – as the pair accept bouquets from two flower girls – quickly pulls out a handgun and blasts two guests due to act as witnesses.

Brazil wedding

The man is seen lurking behind the bride and groom as they come down the aisle. The incident dates back to a few months ago.

The beaming couple are greeted by flower girls just moments before the savage attack.

hitman wedding

It is not known what sparked the terrifying incident. The chaotic moment he opened fire was caught in camera by the wedding cameraman. The video was reportedly shot earlier this year.


The alleged shooter – named only as Betinho – is obscured as the camera is pointed up during the panic.


He then flees the horrifying scene leaving chaos in his wake.


The footage was reportedly taken in Limoeiro de Anadia, Agreste state, Brazil. The two men were injured but were reported in a stable condition.

VIDEO: Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing



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