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A brief profile of Eminem

There is a typical rage, anger and outburst in each and every Eminem song. To understand the reason for this, one has to keep in mind the background the rapper grew up in. As a child, Eminem was extremely poor, so much so that his family had to receive welfare cheques in order to make ends meet. On account of poverty, he changed houses and had to move from one school to another. This resulted in him becoming an introvert, shy kid without friends or anyone to look up to. When he was born, a couple of months later his father moved out of the house and he hasn’t gotten in touch with the megastar ever since.
During all this time, Eminem sought relief and refuge in rap/hip hop music. The street smart lyrics and upbeat beats appealed to him as well as the dark themes of the genre. He started writing and began rapping at local clubs, most notably Detroit’s own Hip Hop Shop. In no time the rapper earned recognition for his rapping skills, most notably his uncanny ability to flow as well as his complex lyrics. In no time, the rapper attracted the eye of legendary producer Dr.Dre.
Soon enough, with the help of Dr.Dre, Eminem became a legendary artist in his own right. His second album The Marshall Mathers LP became the fastest selling album in history at that time, making sales of more than one million in its first week. In 2010, he was awarded Billboard’s Artist Of the Decade Award for selling the most number of albums from 2000-2010 than any other artist. His songs Lose Yourself, Not Afraid, Crack a Bottle, Love The Way You Lie and The Monster have all peaked at Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

The prolific rapper released his latest album, an all hits compilation album also featuring a couple of new songs as well titled Shady XV on November 24, 2014.



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