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British ambassador performs hajj after converting to Islam

The British ambassador to Saudi Arabia made the holy trip to Makkah – which it is a duty for all able-bodied Muslims to make at least once in their life – with his wife Huda Mujarkech.

In his latest pictures, Mr Collis could be seen has been wearing the traditional white robes worn for the pilgrimage, which re-enacts the actions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).


Mr Collis photograph was posted on the twitter account of Saudi Arabian writer and female activist Fawziah Albakr, who wrote in Arabic: “First British ambassador to the Kingdom undertakes the Hajj following his conversion to Islam. Simon Collis with his wife Huda in Mecca. Praise be to God.”

Saudi Arabia’s Princess Basmah bint Saud was also among the first Twitter users to congratulate him and wrote: “Special congratulations to the ambassador and his wife.”

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Later, the British envoy took to Twitter, and thanked supporters and well-wishers, revealing that he had converted to Islam shortly before marrying his wife.

Mr Collis wrote: “In short, I converted to Islam after spending 30 years in Muslim societies and before getting married to Huda.”

The British envoy has worked as the ambassador to Saudi Arabia since the year 2015.

Mr Collis has also served at several important positions with the Foreign Office, including as ambassador to Iraq, Syria and Qatar.

Besides, Mr Collis was also British consul-general in Dubai and Basra and has also served in Tunis, New Delhi and Amman.

He was withdrawn from Syria following serious security concerns in 2012. He was a critic of the Assad regime for its role in the civil war.




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