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British army creates social media unit

The new brigade will be 1500 soldiers strong and will be inclusive of officials from all three service and will be based in Hermitage, Berkshire. The unit’s focus will be on “unconventional” non-lethal, non-military methods such as “shaping behaviors through the use of dynamic narratives”, a British Army spokesman said.
The pioneers in the sophisticated usage of social media as a means to score a point over your enemy in battlefield was started by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). The U.S and U.K have suffered in concealing military tactics as well as combat strategies from terrorists outfits such as ISIS and the Russian intelligence. Terrorists groups such as ISIS have been reportedly very active on Facebook and Twitter, spreading their messages across to other regions and uploading videos of heinous crimes. Most recently, ISIS released a video footage on social media in which they burned alive a captured Jordanian pilot, inside a cage.
Social media has also been of valuable use to politicians within Pakistan. Political veterans such as Imran Khan, Pervez Musharraf, Bilawal Bhutto, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Dr.Arif Alvi, frequently tweet regarding their views on various issues. Most recently, an Imran Khan tweet condemning MQM drew scathing criticism from the Karachi-based party’s chief.



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