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British aviator Tracey Curtis warmly welcomed during Karachi stopover

Taylor was escorted by military personnel to Hajj terminal for a press conference after her aircraft ‘Spirit of Artemis’ landed in the city.

She described it an honour to be in Karachi and receving such a warm welcome. She recalled that many people warned her about security concerns in Pakistan, “but I have never such hospitality and love in any other country.”


Prince Nikolaos of Greece is also accompanying the solo pilot in the vintage open cockpit biplane.

Tracey Curtis is a Canadian national and wants to pay homage to the pioneering British aviator Amy Johnson and his epic solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1930.

A 53-year-old Taylor set out for the 13,000-mile solo flight in a vintage open-cockpit biplane on October 1, 2015. She said Amy Johnson did was the real adventurer.

A group of photographers attempted all-out to be photographed with Tracey but they were advised to take only a snap from lounge for security reasons.

“It’s an honour to be here with such warm people,” she said on the occasion. “Many people warned me about the security concerns in Pakistan, but I have never received such hospitality in any other country.”

She is covering a distance of 13,000 miles and will travel through 23 countries including Pakistan in a biplane on her journey.



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