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British model furious after iPhone fails to recognise face post-surgery

British model Katie Price went on a rampage after her iPhone failed to recognise her surgery scarred face. 

She smashed up her iPhone when facial recognition technology could npt recognise her, reported Mirror UK. She was unable to unlock it or make any phone calls because the businesswoman forgot her pin code as well.

“Katie was furious when her iPhone refused to recognise her new face. She couldn’t remember the passcode and since her surgery, the phone has refused to accept facial recognition,” a source told the publication.

Katie Price recently underwent a surgery which drastically changed her facial features.

The 41-year-old singer-cum-model is a household name in Britian. She was the winner of the fifteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother and was runner-up in the search for the UK’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

In July 2010, Price released “Free to Love Again”, a non-album single. About the release, she explained: “I’m not a singer, this is just something that I’m doing for fun. It’s not like I’m worried about getting a chart position or number one, this is purely for fun. Whether people like it or not, I’m doing it.”

She brought out her first perfume, “Stunning”, in 2007.



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