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British teen makes £260,000 by naming people’s children

A teenager from Britain has made thousands of pounds by doing what she is good at.

Naming other people’s children.

19-year-old Beau Jessup was on a trip to China along with her father where she was asked to help them in picking up an ‘English’ name for her dad’s friend.

She did, and her suggestion was well-received.

Upon returning to her home country, she thought it to convert her newly-discovered skill into a business.

She also realised that a lot of people in China want to have two names for their children, one in Chinese and another in English as traditional Chinese names may be difficult for people in the west to pronounce, spell and remember.

A common perception in China is that having such an alternative name increases prospects of jobs in the west.

However, China is a country where many western websites are banned, therefore people, having no access to baby-naming websites, end up naming their kids like Rambo, Rolex, Gandalf and Cinderella, Beau told a UK daily.

In 2016, she launched a website ‘Special Name’ in Chinese language. The website claims to help the parents with picking up names for their children which matches their personalities.

Initially, she suggested 160,000 names for free to promote her business. Later, she started charging 60 pennies or around 10 Yuans for each name.

Since then, she has suggested over 670,000 names and has made more than £260,000.

The website users are given an option to select five personality traits of their child after which a computerised system picks up three names.

The shortlisted names along with their meanings are then presented to parents. Accompanying the suggestions is famous namesakes if any.

The users are given a naming certificate after the process is completed, which they can keep forever.



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