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Britney Spears to launch mobile game

In partnership with Glu Mobile, the San Francisco-based developer behind the Kim Kardashian mobile game, a five year deal has been signed between the pop star and the company. As per this deal, Glu Mobile gets the rights to Spears’s voice and likeness.

For those of you who are wondering as to what players can expect from the game, Glu Mobile stated that game will feature “interaction with Britney and experience the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business.”

The game is bound to be released and available for use by the first half of 2016. The deal can be more profitable for Glu Mobile, as compared to their previous one with Kim Kardashian. The blonde singer used to be a worldwide singing sensation back in the 90s when she topped the charts with hit after hit songs. Spears has sold more than a whopping 100 million albums worldwide and has more than 41 million follwoers on Twitter.

The news of a Britney Spears game would be a welcome one for fans of the pop singer. Who better than to hand over the project to the Glu Mobile? Let’s hope we all get a good game to play on our mobile phones!




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