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Brothers hack off sister’s head and parade village with it

Shahjahanpur witnessed a ghastly, unprecedented case of violence when two brothers hacked off their sister’s head and paraded the village with it.

Gul Hasan, 25, and Nanhey, 20 absconded from the village after killing their sister over an alleged affair with her cousin. The brothers flew into a rage when they saw their sister Phool Jahan outside her lover’s house. They forcibly dragged her away from the house, beating and stabbing at her with knives. The brothers dragged her to the village square and after giving her a rough beating, chopped off her head.

According to the police, the brothers paraded around the village with the bleeding head for about an hour, before fleeing. As per unconfirmed reports, one of the two brothers kept on shouting:-

“This is a lesson to girls who have relationships. We do not allow our daughters or sisters to have affairs.”

According to Paraur Station Officer Rajesh Singh, the girl did have an affair with her cousin. He also revealed the full details of the incident.

“She had an altercation with her two brothers on Sunday evening, as they asked her to end the relationship. The girl refused and was beaten up. She then left home and went to her lover’s house,” Singh said. He added the two accused tried to bring the girl home but she refused. Following this, the duo went to the cousin’s house late Monday and dragged the girl out. “She was beaten up… While the locals did not intervene, the brothers hacked her with knives in full public view. The two then started walking towards their house with the girl’s head and told people that they were going to the police station. But they did not,” said Singh.



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