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Brutal shooter Ruiner coming to Xbox One

Reikon Games has announced the brutal action shooter Ruiner is coming out on September 26 on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support.

Magdalena Tomkowicz, Narrative Director, made the announcement in blog post also dug a little bit deeper into the quirks and subtleties of the game and said the game play is mostly fast-paced and brutal combat.

However, it varies depending on the player’s approach, the many deadly tools at their disposal and that they can develop different play styles depending on the setup.

Ruiner is set in the year 2091 in the cyber metropolis Rengkok, where a wired sociopath lashes out against a corrupt system to uncover the truth and retrieve his kidnapped brother under the guidance of a secretive hacker friend.

“The dark world of Rengkok City wouldn’t allow for much hospitality. Especially to someone like you: an outlaw, hunted for the attempt on the life of the Boss of Heaven, the leading virtual reality entertainment corporation. You were hacked to do that, and your brother was kidnapped as an insurance. If you want to get him back and redeem yourself, you’ll have to be violent. And prepared,” wrote Tomkowic.

Guns and Blades

The basic weapons are the Ruiner gun and a rusty pipe, and as players learn how to handle them, they will have the opportunity to develop the former and exchange the latter for something deadlier.

There are over 20 weapons in the game and they offer all the variety players can handle, from single shot to area of effect, bouncing bullets, sonic waves, freezing, flaming, electrifying or bursting with fountains of projectiles.

Some weapons are super rare and have unique upgrades — these are usually created by a device called the Weapon Grinder which recycles the gear scattered after a battle.

Players can also call a supply drone if they like rare, exotic weapons that will fetch any gun or blade on the menu. The drone can surprisingly also be used a weapon marking the landing zone right on the enemies’ heads.

Abilities and Upgrades

However, even the most powerful weapons are of little use against enemies who can outsmart and this which player abilities come in.

Players can use the wetware and its circuits which have a great potential for development, while the Shield and Dash acquired are just the start and players have the means to deal with their present and future foes.

Players can also deal with them personally. They can strengthen the blades and unlock Power Attack: Focused Slash shock wave for one handed weapons, or a grinding Whirlwind for the two-handed melee weapons.

They can also upgrade the Shield that can stun or kill everyone that stands in their way with one blow. Player who are fond of guns can go for Grid Converter enabling almost an infinite flow of projectiles.

Those who prefer a more tactical approach can use Kinetic Barriers and Ghost Break that will give the space and time to think and plan ahead and watch their ex-foes fight for them which is quite a treat.

Players can always change their mind if setup doesn’t work them anymore or they are simply bored with it, and reset their build and combine a new one from over a dozen abilities and fifty upgrades.



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