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Budget 2017-18 at a glance

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar revealed the national budget 2017-18 today (Friday).


Read: Ishaq Dar presents Rs 5.1 trillion budget for FY 2017-18

Here are its features at a glance:


– The total outlay of the budget 2017-18 is Rs 5,301 billion.
– The resource availability during 2017-18 has been estimated at Rs 4,681.2 billion.
-The net revenue receipts for 2017-18 have been estimated at Rs. 2,926 billion.
– The provincial share in federal taxes is estimated at Rs. 2,348.2 billion.
The net capital receipts for 2017-18 have been estimated at Rs. 552.5 billion.
-The external receipts in 2017-18 are estimated at Rs. 837.8 billion, showing an increase of 2.2 percent.
-The overall expenditures during the 2017-18 have been estimated at Rs 5,103.8 billion.
-The share of current and development expenditures respectively in total budgetary outlay for 2017-18, is 73.7 percent and 26.3 percent.
-The expenditure on general public service is estimated at Rs. 2,553.6 billion.
-The expenditure on general public service is estimated at 2,553.6 billion.
-The development expenditure outside PSDP has been estimated Rs 152.2 billion.



TAX REVENUE 4,330.5 billion

  • FBR Taxes 4,013.0
    • Other taxes 317.5

NON-TAX REVENUE 979.9 billion

  1. a) Gross Revenue Receipts 5,310.3
    b) Less provincial share 2,384.2
  2. i) Net revenue receipts (a-b) 2,926.1
    ii) Capital receipts (non-bank) 528.0
    iii) External receipts (net) 511.4
    iv) Estimated provincial surplus 347.3
    v) Bank borrowing 390.1
    vi) Privatization proceeds 50.0

TOTAL RESOURCES (i to vi) 4,752.9

  1. CURRENT 3,477.1

Interest payments 1,363.0
Pension 248.0
Defence affairs & services 920.2 billion
Grants and transfers 430.2 billion
Subsidies 138.8 billion
Running of civil government 376.8 billion

  1. DEVELOPMENT 1,275.8

Federal PSDP 1,001.0 billion
Net lending 122.6 billion
Other development expenditure 152.2 billion




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