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Budget spells pain and misery for people: Shehbaz

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday took aim at the PTI-led coalition government over its economic policies saying if the budget is anything to go by, it spells pain and misery for the people.

“How do you explain the government’s economic policy? This Budget, coming on the heels of two failed mini-budgets, will further contract economy, lead to price hike & reduce social sector spending,” he said in a series of tweets.

“The free-fall of rupee against dollar has further overburdened people, making it next to impossible for them to make their both ends meet,” the PML-N president said and added the PTI government has neither a plan nor capacity to run the economy and steer the country out of the problems created by their own incompetence.

“There is still time for the government to revise the Budget and make it people-friendly.  Yesterday, I suggested a whole range of measures that can be incorporated to make it less harsh on the people,” he said.



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