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Bugti announces arrest of six ‘Afghan spies’ from Balochistan

Speaking at a press conference here, Bugti told that Pakistani security agencies have arrested six operatives of the Afghan intelligence agency who confessed to have killed 40 innocent people in Balochistan.

The arrested agents were residing in Afghan refugee camps in Balochistan, according to the home minister. They were identified as Mehboob Khan and Asmatullah, hailing from Afghanistan’s Hilmand province; Abdullah Shah, Ahmadullah and Noor Ahmad belonging to Kandahar, and one Muhammad Shafi, a resident of Pishin, Balochistan.

“These spies also included an on-duty Afghan army official, whose entire family is based in Kuchlak. The operatives got identity cards issued to them by Nadra officials against Rs20,000,” he said, while praising DG Nadra Balochistan for working fairly well.

The presser also had a video played that showed Afghan operatives confessing to subversive activities in Pakistan. Having lived in refugee camps, the foreign agents told that they had meetings with their handlers in Afghan intelligence, and with the chief of foreign spy agency in Kabul.


One of the operatives was seen admitting that he was tasked with causing unrest and massacre in Pakistan, adding, “We were paid from Rs50,000 to Rs100,000 a month; the amount paid for targeting an individual was much higher.”

He said he received funds from General Malik of the Afghan spy agency. “Every morning, we would be handed firearms to kill people, I gunned down 22 people”.

Another assassin Abdullah said he received directives from Afghanistan to target key figures. “We were asked to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and to target Chinese engineers working on different projects.”

Aside from this, they also tasked us with bombing military vehicles, he said. They also provided money to other operatives in Pakistan through us.

Ahmadullah said he hosted accomplices coming from ‘different countries’, who would then identify targets for us. “After targeting an individual, we looked for the next one,” he added.

Noor Ahmad was seen confessing that they would take shelter in refugee camps after targeting army and police, however, they failed to accomplish the task of abducting foreigners.

‘Time for Afghan refugees to leave’

“We have had enough loss in the name of brotherhood. This is time for all Afghan refugees to return to their homeland or else the people of Balochistan will throw them out,” roared the home minister at the presser.

He slammed that the killers of 40 innocent masses were residing in refugee camps.

“We cannot host the ones involved in the massacre of our people,” he asserted, asking the immigrants to voluntarily leave Pakistan with dignity.



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