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Burglar arrested after found stuck in bathroom window

Police in England apprehended a clumsy burglar after he was found trapped in the second story window of a woman’s home.

Greater Manchester Police shared a photo of the burglar, as the lower half of his body was left dangling outside the bathroom window.

“Burglar sentenced after he was ‘framed,'” police said. “He got stuck in a window when trying to break in a house in Radcliffe.”

Sean Crawshaw, 47, was found suspended 15 feet above the ground attempting to enter the home of a elderly woman, the BBC reported.

“It was nice of him to hang around,” said Sgt Richard Garland of Greater Manchester Police.

Crawshaw was rescued after fire crews spent twenty minutes attempting to pull out of the window. His ear was also injured during the process.

Even police found the circumstances amusing but said it did not diminish the severity of the crime. “We did all have a chuckle about it later but the homeowner was actually pretty shaken up about it all,” Garland said.

“It’s not nice having someone burgle your home and then finding them still there.”

Crashaw was sentenced to two years and five months after pleading guilty to burglary with intent to steal following the December incident.



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