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Read about the huge blunder committed by these burglars!

A burglar gang comprising of two men and one woman, made a silly mistake when they placed a call by mistake to a police officer. Their conversation gave away the fact that they had committed a robbery.The Blue County Sheriff’s office stated that a 911 dispatcher received a call around 3:45am. Two men were on the phone talking and discussing their involvement in a robbery. After a lengthy conversation, the dispatcher was able to determine their location and deputies, as well as police officers were sent to the location to bring in the suspects. Captain Rich Murry stated that the dispatcher on the other end was able to figure out that the men seemed intent on carrying out a robbery.

“She heard enough that made her suspicious,” Murry said.

Upon arriving at the 3500 Block of 3rd Revenue, police found two men hiding inside Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office Gun Range: 29-year-old Kyle Scott James and 38-year-old Jeramie Jason Ites. Jessica June Friedrichs, 29, was found waiting nearby in a vehicle inside Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery. One of the last things the police heard on the mistakenly placed 911 call was,”I think I see the police,” followed by sounds of running. Police authorities seized cash and other items from the suspects which were traced to North Makato Supply. The place of business had been violated; it exhibited signs of forced entry and the appeared to be ransacked.

North Makato Supply was located just across the road from where these three suspected burglars were apprehended by the police. Suspects are being held at the Blue Earth County jail where they are awaiting charges. It seems burglars these days aren’t quite smart enough to commit a robbery. Who would have thought, a bunch of burglars would themselves call a 911 dispatcher!



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