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Burqa wearing gang convicted for series of raids in London

The nine member gang used to wear burqas whilst they committed smash-and-grab raids in London. The gang was in dire straits after four members had been convicted for robberies dating back to 2007.

The burqa clad gang members stole watches worth one and a half million pounds at a heist from Selfridges department store. The gang has been responsible for 10 raids which took place in London. Two at Prada in Old Bond Street in October and November 2013 when the shutters were forced open and £20,000 worth of handbags were stolen.

When the gang had raided Selfridges back in June 2013, they had forced their way into the street wearing burqas and armed with sledgehammers. The gang’s notorious leader Reece Dunford, 31 was handed out a sentence of 7 years imprisonment for plotting as much as 10 raids in London. Another interesting fact is that Dunford’s girlfriend, model and beautician Hollie Dowding, 25, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to conspiracy to handle stolen goods from raids on Prada and Jimmy Choo.

London robbery
Hollie Dowding, model and beautician, was also involved in the raids




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