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CAA clears one grounded ATR jet after inspection

ISLAMABAD: One of the 10 ATR jets of Pakistan International Airlines has been cleared for flights by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) after inspection, ARY News reported on Friday.

According to PIA spokesman, one ATR-42 aircraft was cleared in shakedown test. He added that flights from Islamabad to Gilgit & Chitral will be made operational following the clearance.

The rest of the aircrafts are still under testing phase.

Meanwhile, the debris of PK-661 jet — which crashed near Havelian and claimed the lives of 147 people — will be transferred to Islamabad in the same condition.

The shifting of the debris will start within few days, sources said.

PIA flight PK-661, heading to Islamabad from Chitral, crashed near Havelian  moments after it disappeared from radar, killing all 147 people on board.

The national airliner had grounded all of its 10 ATR aircrafts after the Civil Aviation Authority ordered shakedown tests of the planes.

The directions came after an ATR aircraft reportedly caught fire while on runway of Multan Airport before taking off recently.

The PIA airplane PK-581 with 48 passengers on board was set to take off from Multan to Karachi when it suffered a blaze incident. However, no major incident occurred.



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