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CAA ends aeronautical charges under new aviation policy

KARACHI: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has ended aeronautical charges on domestic flights under new aviation policy, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a major step for the revival of the aviation industry as aeronautical charges were ended up at all of the airports, whereas, a NOTAM was also issued by the aviation authority in this regards.

The decision will benefit domestic flights operators including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as the aviation authority has zeroed aircraft landing charges on private airlines as well.

Moreover, the charges, which were being received for parking, boarding, power supplies and terminal navigation, were also ended up.

According to CAA spokesperson, the national flag-carrier will be profited up to 70 per cent after the suspension of charges and the flight operators will be able to save Rs4 billion annually.

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Earlier on May 20, it emerged that Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) started development works for Swat, Chitral and Parachinar airports in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s move to promote tourism in the country.

Sources said, at the cost of Rs80 million, the Swat airport will be made operational while the development work will be completed within two months.

Saidu Sharif Swat Airport is known as a gateway of tourism which was built in 1978. Later, in 2004, owing to volatile security situation, the airport was closed. For the same reason, Parachinar airport was also shutdown in 2004.

On the directions of the secretary aviation, a high-level committee visited Swat and Chitral airports.



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