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Government to devise policy for terror victim families

The announcement was made after the members of the federal cabinet led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met in Islamabad on Thursday.

Premier convened the cabinet meeting today after a gap of almost four months to devise new strategies and improve the existing ones on a number of widespread issues being faced by the country and the governing party itself including the full implementation of the National Action Plan, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Panama Papers leaks probe and a growing wave of violence in the Indian-held Kashmir.

Members of the federal cabinet and Prime Minister Nawaz maintained that the welfare of those who lost their lives in the ongoing war against terrorism in the country was government’s responsibility.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ordered to create a policy that could facilitate children of the terror victims in their academic and employment affairs to be tabled in the next cabinet meeting.

He also asked to prepare a feasibility report regarding the establishment of a National Endowment Fund for that matter.

It was also decided in the meeting that all major projects including Gwadar Port Project, social and economic development programs and energy and infrastructure development projects would be completed at the earliest.

Referring to the never-ending energy crisis in the country, premier minister said, had the valuable coal resources were utilised previously by the past governments in Pakistan, the situation would have been different by now and instead of going through an energy crisis, we would have been exporting energy today.

Top decision makers of the Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz government also gave a detailed briefing to the premier on the CPEC project.



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