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Can you spot a snake in this photo?

The picture below appears to show a typical back garden, but look closer at you will see something terrifying – A snake is actually hidden among the plants in the corner of the garden.

A team of snake catchers was called in after the reptile was spotted lurking amid the shrubs, with a part of its body hanging over the fence.

They took a picture of the scene and then asked their Facebook followers to try to spot the creature. “Top points for the species, too!” they told their followers.

However, the task proved tricky for many. “I can never find the snakes,” commented a woman Jacki Day.

“I once walked straight past the most massive carpet snake in Noosa National Park and didn’t see it until my friend pointed it out to me.”

Another user Steve Connaughton guessed it was in the blue tub, while another Martin McAvaney posted: “To the right of the catcher’s bag and gear at the bottom of picture.”

However, John Greydanus identified the location of the snake correctly, posting a close-up image of the reptile hidden in the plants.

“Has to be a python of some sort,” he remarked.

The experts named Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers in Australia took to Facebook again to provide the answer to the question.

“Well as most of you guessed, the snake was on the fence in the back right hand corner of the photo,” they wrote.

“The snake is a Coastal Carpet Python.”

The picture was taken in Queensland although the exact location is unclear.

The coastal carpet python is a non-venomous snake that in widespread in eastern Queensland.

They grow to around seven feet in length eat mostly warm-blooded prey such as rats, birds and possums – although larger specimens might feed on families’ pet dogs and cats.

The Sunshine Coast  Catchers said that coastal carpet pythons “have been extremely common over the past week,” and it has been called to deal with a number of the reptiles in the region.



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