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Can’t think of marrying Imran Khan, he is like a father to me: Meera

When PTI chief Imran Khan had announced in a political gathering over a year ago that he wanted to get married, women from all over the world went crazy. So did controversial Pakistani actress Meera, who said she would want to marry Imran Khan.

Imran did not respond to Meera’s request but did end up marrying prominent Pakistani journalist and television presenter Reham Khan. Khan’s marriage with Reham did end in divorce after 10 months, leaving the former cricket star yet again single.

Meera was present before a court in Lahore a couple of days ago when a reporter asked him if she intended to marry Imran Khan again. The Lollywood actress took a classical U-turn and said she couldn’t even think about it, since Imran was like a father to him.

“Imran Khan is like a father to me,” said Meera, as everyone around her laughed. “Hence, I can’t even think about marrying him.”



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