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VIDEO: Car runs over child and what happened next will blow your mind!

A goose-bumping video gone viral on social media, a child miraculously survives after being run over by a car.

The 1.59-minute clip titled ‘Lucky Day’ was posted by a user. The footage, which was captured on a CCTV camera shows a little child playing around a parked car, while the adults are seen working around the car’s open boot.

car runs over child


The child, who at that moment is crouching in front of the car goes unnoticed. Soon after, one of the adults gets inside the car and drives over the child.

car runs over child


car runs over child

Quite unexpectedly, the child even after being run over by the car, gets up and runs to the other adult nearby.

The person who posted the video states that the incident took place in Brazil. But it could not be independently verified.

Here’s the video:



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