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WATCH: Car stunts block busy road

Large crowds blocked a busy road to witness car drivers showing stunts.

A video captured by a witness shows at least one car spinning in fast circles and doing burnouts in the middle of a busy road in a San Francisco neighborhood.

The drivers who blocked the road by doing donuts drew large crowds from a nearby Excelsior neighborhood, who gathered to witness and cheer the roadshow.

Since blocking key roads was not legal for such practice, the eye-witnesses say the police responded to the incident but did not impound any vehicles. It was also unclear if the police identified the vehicles and drivers involved in it.

Read More: Police arrest 55-year-old biker for one-wheeling

A similar incident happened in Pakistan last year when police in Gujranwala arrested a 55-year-old man for one-wheeling on his motorbike after several of his videos went viral on the social media.



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