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Cargo charges imposed on Pakistani goods’ trucks in Qandahar

KABUL: The Afghan authorities have imposed 5000 Afghan rupees on Pakistani trucks as cargo charges in Qandahar province close to Balochistan, reports said.

Vice President of Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jamal-Ud-Din Achakzai confirmed this while talking to British news channel.

He said these charges have not been imposed by the Afghan central government, but by the local administration of Qandahar province.

He said these charges have been received between Chamman and Spinbuldak.

Achakzai said these charges were also being received from Afghan good trucks by Afghan local administration as half of those being imposed on Pakistani trucks. He said it is discrimination and injustice towards Pakistan traders.

Jamal-Ud-Din further said Pakistani trucks don’t only transport goods of Pakistani traders to Afghanistan, but also to central Asian countries via Afghanistan.




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