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Sindh govt to find old, broken down cars to repair, reallot them

KARACHI: According to a notification on Tuesday the government of Sindh starts stock-taking of all official vehicles which due to being condemned or developing whatever fault are off-road as it plans to get them repaired to reallot it, ARY News reported.

All the departments under the Sindh government have been instructed to furnish the details of the vehicles allotted to them and compile the details of their make, model, registered numbers, photographs, and the place they are parked or condemned.


The local bodies department of Sindh has constituted a team to oversee this stock-taking exercise in pursuance of the instructions rolled out by the Sindh cabinet.

Local Bodies department have been directed to furnish these details by January 27.

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It may be noted that the cars that can be repaired will be allotted to government officials once they are in a good shape.

According to the sources privy to the developments, the exercise, assigned to local bodies department, is called in to make known all the official cars that have gone rogue or have been lost.

Sindh govt to find old, broken down cars to repair, reallot them



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