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Case filed in Chilas against spirits for child mystery murder, probe underway

According to details, parents of a child named Ahmed, aged four, claim that their child went missing after he went to fetch water from a fountain.

They have alleged in the First Information Report (FIR) that spirits and ghosts had kidnapped and killed their child and the body was found from a nearby jungle.

Sources stated that Ahmed’s family had decided to consult Aamils for help after the child went missing.  The exorcist said that the child has been taken by a supernatural entity and only aamils can bring out the spirit possessing the boy.

An investigator said that the boy had reappeared twice during the rituals but disappeared. The locals stated that the spirits got angry due to the rituals and killed Ahmed and left the corpse in the forest.

The case has been filed at City Police Station. It is being said that the police were hesitant in filing the FIR.

The post-mortem of the child was conducted on the court orders.

Deputy Inspector General Diamer is leading a special investigation team to probe the inciden

Investigation underway

The investigation of a mysterious death of a four-year old boy said to have been killed by spirits is underway.

According to details, the body samples of Ahmed’s body has been sent to a forensic laboratory for examination. Police said that the medical report will tell as to whether it was the supernatural power took the life of the child or was it a human act.

The investigators are trying to find out whether the wounds, found on Ahmed’s body, were present before or after he was dead.



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