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The case of Sameera Bibi, the woman who was lead to give birth on road

Lahore: Sameera Bibi, a woman in Raiwind forced to give birth on road. 

The staff at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital (THQ) refused to treat her saying there is a lack of staff.

According to Amir, Sameera’s husband, “We went at 5 am to the hospital. First we went where the slips are made, there was no one there, then we went to Room No.1 for the doctor, there was no one there either. Then we went to the emergency, there were two compounders they told us to take her to the lady doctor. We went there she said come after a while. Then we went again, she said this case cannot be done no matter where you take her. I told the doctor to handle her she is in a lot of pain. Whatever happens, I am sitting here. I will put my thumbprint even if something happens. She said no, bring her reports here. I said we didn’t get any reports done. She said then take her anywhere, it cannot be done here. I took her from there and was going to Dr. Waqar’s hospital. I had just taken a U turn from Raiwind Bazaar that the baby was born.”

According to the Bystanders at the scene, there was also no Rescue 1122 ambulances available at the hospital. By the time one was called, the child had already been born.

The suspended MS of the hospital Dr. Mufti said:

“There are two cases of apparent negligence. One is this that the LHV should not have taken a decision on her own and here the SOP got broken. Our SOP is that our LHV informs the doctor on call and she takes further action. If she has to refer, she does it. If she has to deliver, she does it. Here this thing was broken that the LHV did not inform the doctor. There is this thing going on that the staff was not present in the hospital, which is not true.”

Earlier this year, on January 1, Zohra Bibi lost her life on the floor of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.

THQ hospital is just miles away Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s residence in Raiwind. Investigation into the case had revealed that the Sameera Bibi was also refused treatment at DHQ Kasur, before she came to the Lahore hospital.



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