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Mealworms, algae make a tasty dish at London fest

LONDON: India Knight and Danny Jack use meal worms, algae, tree sap and homegrown flowers in a delicious spread served in a tree house to get their customers thinking about where their food comes from and its impact on the planet.

Indian researchers cook up low-fat ghee

NEW DELHI: Scientists in India have developed a low-fat version of ghee that cuts the cholesterol content by 85 percent in a move that could give a much-needed boost to fitness levels, a senior researcher said Thursday.

Prepare delicious Shami Kababs for Iftar

Ingredients Egg 1 Gram dhal 4 oz Salt to taste Minced meat 1 1/2 lb Ghee Chop coarsely: Blanched almonds 1 dozen Chopped coriander 1 tsp leaves Green chillies 2 Egg 1 hardboiled Onion 1 medium Grind to a paste:…