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Economic crisis of Pakistan is ‘over’: Asad Umer

12 days ago
ISLAMABAD: Repudiating the notion of deteriorating economic situation, Finance Minister Asad Umer stated on Tuesday that economic crisis of the country has been 'over'. Speaking at the inauguration of the 11th South Asia Economic Summit…

Rupee recovers from historic low against dollar

13 days ago
KARACHI: The rupee recovered against the dollar during early day trading in the open market on Monday as the greenback fell by Rs 3 to Rs 136, ARY News reported. Previously, the US dollar was trading at Rs 139.02 in the interbank market.…

US airstrike kills key Taliban leader in Afghanistan

14 days ago
KABUL: A senior Taliban military commander has been killed in a US airstrike in Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday. Abdul Manan, who was the Taliban's 'shadow governor' in the southern Helmand province, died of wounds sustained during…