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Cattle merchants arrested for selling animals with fake teeth, at Maweshi Mandi Sohrab Goth

More than 35 such animals were caught and taken into custody by the Maweshi Mandi administration, for having fake teeth. According to details obtained, a mafia was selling sacrificial animals which had fake teeth, in Karachi’s biggest cattle bazaar at Sohrab Goth.

Two additional arrests were made from the same place, as a duo was caught with more than Rs 60,000 of fake currency. It was an obvious attempt to con the merchants when it came to purchasing cattle.

Rana Imran, who operates as the administrator of the Maweshi Mandi, urged prospective buyers to be careful and check animals thoroughly for fake teeth, horns and other defects, before purchasing them.

He also stated that the administration was conducting such surprise raids in order to improve the workings of the Maweshi Mandi and discourage such activities.

Rana also urged buyers as well as sellers to be extra careful, when it came to the exchange transaction. He urged everyone to watch out for fake currency notes and to report them to the administration immediately, after receiving any fraudulent currency.

He also pointed out a useful tip to identify fake teeth in animals. “Fake teeth are usually fixed with an adhesive over the existing teeth but these can be easily traced as the gums of animals turn blue,” he said.



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