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Caught on camera: British tourist beats up German police at airport

A 38-year-old Brit lost his cool while delayed at Frankfurt airport – and ended up fighting with two officers.

Caught on video by Polish rapper Schwesta Ewa, the man is heard to shout ‘I am a British citizen!’, before continuing his airport rampage.

The man continues to lash out, kicking and punching the officers in front of Lufthansa check-in desks.



Despite both being knocked to the ground, the officials continue to struggle with the man until the violence eventually subsides.

A woman, presumed to be known to the man, approaches him as he calms down. The airport brawl came as 7,000 passengers were stranded due to overnight flights being cancelled.

An airport spokesperson added that ‘the mood among the passengers was certainly not the best’. Frankfurt police released a statement to dispel concerns the incident was related to terrorism.



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