CCTV footage shows ‘dead body’ floating in river comes back to life

A bizarre moment was recorded in a CCTV camera near a river where onlookers had seen the ‘corpse’ floating in the river and firefighters were called to remove it but they were left surprised when the truth was revealed.

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The firefighter arrived after the information and wades through water to pull out a dead body only to discover that it is coming back to life before his eyes.

In footage posted online by television network CCTV , a firefighter can be seen carefully wading through the water to reach the body. He then moves him around but seconds before he tries to pick the man up he suddenly moves.

The firefighter then jumps away in shock as a small crowd watches from the river bank.

But he soon figures out that the body is not actually possessed and turns around to speak to the man red-faced after realising his mistake.



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