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Pindi Imambargah blast was not a suicide attack; footage reveals

It is revealed in a CCTV footage acquired by ARY News that explosives were planted in the pipe attached to the wall adjacent to the Imam Bargah on January 7, 2015.

The footage shows that a terrorist without any fear of being apprehended starts planting the explosives in the pipe and leaves the place with ease.

The video puts a big question mark on the performance of law enforcement agencies and shows how terrorists operate openly in the urban centers of the country.

The blast in Imam Bargah located in Chattiya Battiya area of Rawalpindi city  that killed seven people and left several injured on January 9. 2015 was declared a suicide attack.

Police said a Mehfil-e-Milaad was under way at the Imambargah when the blast took place.

More than hundred persons including women and children were present in the Milaad.



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