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Thief burgles five shops in Karachi’s Soldier Bazaar

KARACHI: A thief broke into five shops last night and stole valuable items and money in Soldier Bazaar area of Karachi, ARY News reported.

ARY News has obtained a surveillance camera footage in which the burglar can be seen breaking locks of the shops and barging into them for thievery.

Two of the shops were of travel agency, said ARY News correspondent Asif Khan.

He said the suspect was donning a pant, a shirt, a shawl and a pair of jogger shoes. He can be seen carrying an android mobile phone in his hand as well, he added.

“The thief broke locks of the shops with the help of an iron cutter,” he said.

Asif Khan reported that complete estimate of the loss could not be made until filing of this report.

Few days ago a similar incident took place in the same locality in which a burglar broke into a shop in Soldier Bazaar area and robbed it of lakhs of rupees in a matter of few minutes.

In the surveillance camera footage the thief can be clearly seen all alone breaking the lock of the shop’s shutter without any fear of getting caught in the dark of the night.

He stole more than Rs0.4 million in around five minutes. The stealer slipped the money from drawers into his pocket and ran away.

Thief breaks into shop, flees with lakhs of rupees in minutes



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