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Five celebrities who lost lives in horrific car crashes  

Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled.

Road crashes are the leading cause of death among young people ages 15-29, and the second leading cause of death worldwide among young people ages 5-14.

Such crashes were also behind the death of some celebrities.  Here is the list of five famous celebrities the world lost during car crashes.

Paul Walker

The famous Hollywood actor, Paul Walker, was best known for his roles in The Fast and Furious franchise. The movie revolves around illegal street racing, heists, and spies.

It’s unfortunate that Walker then met his untimely demise during a horrific car crash in 2013. Hundreds of close family and friends attended Walker’s funeral on December 14, 2013, at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana, accident


The world stood still when news broke of Princess Diana’s death. She was beloved by not only the British community but by the entire world. Diana was considered to be the people’s princess.

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Her untimely death came when she was leaving The Ritz Carlton hotel in Paris, France, around midnight. Both she and her romantic lover, Dodi Fayed, were killed.

An estimated 2.5 million people tuned in to watch the beloved princess’ funeral held at the Westminster Abbey in London, England.

Sana Khan


Charming acting couple Sana Khan and Babar met a tragic accident on March 7, 2014. Sana Khan died before she could get any medical aid and Babar Khan survived with injuries. The couple’s marriage was short lived as they both married just 4 months before the deadly accident occurred. Many showbiz personalities and local people were struck with grief over the news of this sad incident.

Randy Savage


Randy Savage, also known as Macho Man, was an American professional wrestler and actor. He was born on November 15, 1952, in Columbus, Ohio. Savage was most commonly known for his time working at the World Wrestling Federation and the World Championship Wrestling cooperation.

Many were devastated upon hearing news of his passing in 2011. He died shortly after having a heart attack while driving and crashing into a tree.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly truly lived a fairy-tale life. She made a name for herself as a beloved American film actress. Then in 1956, she became the Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III.

Kelly was able to enjoy 26 years of married life before she and her daughter died in a car crash.

It is believed they were on their way to a train station when Kelly made a sharp turn that caused the car to go over a cliff.



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