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Celebrities who've been to prison!

Movie stars, models and musicians all work real hard to adopt a positive PR and public image as their projects depend on a positive depiction of their personality. However, they are known to loose their cool every once in a while and go berserk, ending up in prison! We compiled a list for you to go through and be amazed that these celebs went to prison at one time:-

1. Moin Khan

Former cricket captain and skilled wicket keeper Moin Khan apparently dropped the ball (pun intended) when Darakshan Police arrested him in 2007 after his wife called the cops and complained that her husband had beaten her. Moin was put behind bars after his wife revealed he was under the influence of alcohol and had resorted to beating her.

2.  Ali Saleem

You might be more familiar with him if we refer to ‘him’ as Begum Nawazish Ali. Rising to prominence (and ridicule) for donning a female attire (and hairstyle) whilst being a man. The TV host was in a fix when he was arrested for a scuffle involving his mother; apparently he broke her nose by punching her in the face! According to police, Ali tested positive for alcohol and the dispute was caused over financial issues.

3. Sanjay Dutt

His Vaastav persona terrorized everyone out of their wits yet the star also had a brush with prison life when he was sentenced to jail for three and a half years after being found guilty of possessing illegal firearms. Those firearms led to the killings of many people in Mumbai yet Sanjay claimed he wasn’t part of it but possessed the weapons for his own security after receiving threats.

4. Salman Khan

Salman Khan went to Rajisthan in order to shoot for a movie and should have done exactly that. Instead, the famed Bollywood actor shot a couple of rare antelopes which led to his arrest. He was bailed a few days later.

5. Saif Ali Khan

Bullet Raja apparently lost his cool when in 2012 he fractured a businessman’s nose after he was told to settle down and not be loud at the Taj Hotel. Saif was arrested but later got released when he paid bail.

6. Mark Wahlberg

The Italian Job star served 45 days from his two year ban on account of assaulting a middle aged Vietnamese man with a stick. Wahlberg had a rough childhood and was involved in many criminal activities whilst growing up.

7. Paris Hilton

The model and famous socialite failed to show up at a rehab program after being specifically ordered by the court. Paris was also caught for over speeding and driving without a license.

8. Mel Gibson

The Braveheart star was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and was arrested by the police. The incident caused a furor when it was revealed that Gibson made a host of anti-Semitic remarks and abused the Jews in general.

9. Christian Slater

The Australian born Hollywood star was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend whilst intoxicated with alcohol. He got out after serving 59 days.

10. Justin Beiber

The Baby singer was arrested by Canadian police after he crashed his vehicle into another man’s minivan and later got into a scuffle with the man. After being arrested for dangerous driving and assault, the boy star was released without bail.






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