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Cellphone helps in rescuing ducklings from storm drain

An animal control officer in California managed to coax 11 ducklings out of a storm drain they had fallen into while walking with their mother, said Hayward police.

The Hayward Police Department said the mother duck was walking across the Chabot College campus with her 12 ducklings when all but one of the baby birds fell through the grate into the storm drain.

Chabot College Maintenance and Operations staff removed the grate cover from the drain, but the ducklings fled deeper into the pipes, leading the workers to call for help.

Hayward Animal Control Officer Susan Perez responded to the scene and climbed into the drain. The Police Department said Perez used her phone to play “mama duck sounds” to coax the ducklings out of the pipes and lifted them to safety one by one.

The ducklings were reunited with their mother.



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