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Ceremonial washing of Holy Kaaba held

The Kaaba washing is an elaborate tradition which takes place twice a year.

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“We wash the Kaaba from the inside using 45 liters of scented Zamzam water,” said the main caretaker of the Kaaba, Sheikh Saleh Bin Zainalabdeen Al-Shaibi, who opens the door of the Kaaba for the washing right after dawn prayers.

“It takes us two hours to fully wash the inside of the Kaaba. Praying inside the Kaaba is a great honor as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself had prayed inside,” said Al-Shaibi.

Picture courtesy: Saudi Gazzette
Picture courtesy: Saudi Gazzette

He said the walls of the inside of the Kaaba are three meters high and the ceiling is covered with green silken cloth.

“We also wash the Maqam Ibrahim, where the footprints of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) are imprinted. We clean the Maqam using scented Zamzam water. It takes us four hours to clean it from inside and outside,” said Al-Shaibi.

“The key is 25-cm long. I am the only one authorized to open the Kaaba for washing and then to close it after the washing is over and the King has performed his prayers. Sometimes we have Muslim diplomatic guests coming from different countries. We let them pray inside the Kaaba,” said Al-Shaibi.



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