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WATCH: Raid reveals how Chakwal’s famous Revri is actually prepared!

Revri or Rewari, a crisp toffee like dessert made from gudh with a coating of sesame often consumed as a tea time snack. Revri is popular across the subcontinent and people often send the dessert to their loved ones abroad as a gift.

Punjab province’s Chakwal district is famous for its delicious Revri and the makers claim that they make it from pure Desi Ghee.

A raid conducted by ARY News’ ‘Zimmedaur Kaun’ team along with Punjab Food Authority, however, revealed a fact about the unscrupulous elements within this industry.

The PFA officers along with Zimmedar Kaun team raided a production unit of revri makers in Chakwal and found out that the dessert is being created in unhygienic conditions from its mixing to making and finally packing.

The accountant cum manager present at the unit was himself not ready to eat revri from his worker because of the worker’s dirty hands.


A number of workers including the one making with the revri’s dough were working without gloves, the dough maker actually had acne on his hands while a boy working in the unit had liquid oozing from one of his wounds.


As the team reached the packing unit, the boy using his bare hands to pack the revri in boxes was actually suffering from a skin dieseas.


The revri was not being created using desi ghee as proudly and clearly written on the box. In fact, the makers were only using the desi ghee essence as an essence bottle recovered from the unit clearly had DESI GHEE written on it.

Moreover, a chemical used as an anti-caking agent (to stop revris from sticking to each other) was untraceable as the makers could not tell the PFA team as to where it was coming from or whether it was food grade or not.

The owner was not present so the ARY News team asked the accountant cum manager to eat a single piece of revri  from one of his unit’s workers but he refused and accepted his mistake.

The rest of the famous revri makers’ production units had similar conditions other than the oldest “Pehlwan Revri”, where the raiding team was surprisingly greeted by hygienic conditions. 


The owner was actually using desi ghee and the overall unit was clean.

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WATCH: Raid reveals how Chakwal’s famous Revri is actually prepared!

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