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All may have to resign: Altaf warns MQM leaders

Talking to sector and unit incharges of MQM, Hussain said that he has received information that some of the members of unit and sector committees along with party high-ups are grabbing, stealing people’s property adding that such elements are working under the shadow of police and secret agencies.

MQM chief appealed Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan to take legal action against such people advising him to spare none be it MQM workers, Altaf Hussain or Governor’s own brothers.

Staying Away from public

MQM founder claimed to have information that party’s MNAs, MPAs and senators are granted vehicles from towns and are also getting free fuel but are rarely seen among people.

He said that such leaders have failed to serve people despite getting perks and benefits in their name.

MQM chief warned them to change their behavior otherwise everyone has to resign from senate, national and provincial assemblies.



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