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Ruckus in NA as opposition leaders disrupt Saad Rafique’s speech

ISLAMABAD: Opposition legislators protested and tore copies of the session agenda in the National Assembly as PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafique rose to speak on point of order after opposition leader Khursheed Shah’s speech, ARY News reported.

Opposition members were angry as Speaker Ayaz Sadiq rejected privilege motions on Panama papers submitted by opposition parties by saying that the matter is sub-judice.

As opposition leader Khursheed Shah raised the Panama papers issue in his speech, the speaker then allowed PML-N leader Saad Rafique to speak at a time when PTI lawmakers too had requested audience.

The speaker maintained that point of order is not only for opposition leaders but also for the ruling party’s lawmakers and he will allow opposition legislators to speak once Saad Rafique finishes his speech.

The opposition members, however, surrounded the speaker’s desk and started shouting slogans against the PM and the ruling party.

The session was first adjourned for 15 minutes but the speaker had to adjourn it till Thursday as the situation did not return to normalcy for long.

‘Sheer Dishonesty’

Khawaja Saad Rafique later criticised PTI and its chief Imran Khan for their ‘double talk and hypocrisy’ in their treatment of parliament.

“They never take part in legislation but are drawing salaries… is it not a waste of taxpayers’ money? isn’t it sheer dishonesty? ” asked Saad Rafique.

Replying to opposition’s criticism of PM, Rafique said that the politics of lies is that of Imran Khan who accuses someone of ‘35 punctures’ then one fine morning, accepts that he has no proof.

He also claimed that PPP is not moving the court because the party leaders know that “they have no proof and they can only do speeches”.


Is Politics a Lie?

Earlier, opposition leader Khursheed Shah criticised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for giving contradictory statements regarding his assets in assembly and court.

“The PM’s lawyers in their statement in court, maintained that political leaders make political speeches, PM’s speech in parliament (April 22) was political and should not be taken as a court statement,” said Khursheed Shah questioning is politics a lie?.

He lamented that such words from the elected prime minister is a great disrespect of the parliament.

“Such thoughts are of dictators and their allies,” added Shah reminding the speaker that his party (PPP) has a history of sacrifices for democracy in the country and the PM’s statement has deeply pained the democratic leaders of the country including PPP.

Speaker Ayaz Sadiq rejected privilege motion submitted by PPP by saying that the matter is sub-judice. Shah, however,  argued that the parliament and constitution is supreme and it is his duty to move a privilege motion when parliament is disrespected.





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