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Charlie Hebdo makes fun of drowned Syrian boy Aylan

The heart-wrenching images of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi lying face down dead on a Turkish beach, was enough to rattle the world. European countries such as England, Germany and Turkey opened its doors to refugees on the run, from the conflict-torn Syria.

However, French satirical Charlie Hebdo, notorious for its crude and nefarious humour, came up with cartoons mocking the dead Aylan. The cartoons circulating on social media drew ire and protest from all parts of the world, as they made light of the refugee situation.

In their cartoon, Aylan Kurdi was depicted lying flat on his face near the ocean and above his head were the words written, “So close to his goal”. In the background a McDonald’s-style Happy Meal Board states: “Two children’s menus for the price of one.”

Charlie Hebdo

The cartoon has once again caused an outrage and debate over Charlie Hebdo’s insensitive comments, under the garb of freedom of speech. The core of Charlie Hebdo’s staff were murdered in January when a gunman stormed its offices, igniting three days of bloodshed around Paris that left 17 victims dead. The attack had taken place after the magazine had printed blasphemous images of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), resulting in outrage and protests across numerous Islamic countries.

Three-year old Aylan Kurdi had drowned along with his mother and brother when their boat had capsized on its way from the Greek Island of Kos to the Turkish town of Bodrum. The family was forced to flee when ISIS had advanced into their hometown of Kobane and brought with them conflict and destruction. Here are a couple of outraged Tweets:-



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